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Real Career Moves:

You’ve got web-skills. Possibly even “skillz” (we have yet to assess this). Why don’t you take them, and put them to good & proper use: through an internship. With us.

You’ll learn how to create, update and manage one of London’s favourite websites, dabbling across the arts & entertainment board and feeling the information superhighway rush at you, full speed.

Our web-design interns get experience doing the following:

  • Coding to web-standards
  • Updating pages and stylesheets
  • Creating graphics
  • Working alongside Web Manager
  • Learn about accessibility issues in real-world environment
  • Assisting in maintainance of site
  • Experience in search-engine optimisation
  • Working closely alongside an editorial team
  • Not Just Anyone:

    If you’ve got HTML talents and a will to expand into something big and good, you might be a good candidate. Check out our specifications, below…

    We look for interns who have the following skills & experience:

  • Experience in handcoding HTML a MUST
  • Knowledge in Javascript and CSS
  • Must be at university level, student studying IT or Design
  • Wide range of interests and life-experiences
  • Highly self-motivated and communicative
  • Interest in the arts community, including fine arts, theatre, film, food & wine, clubs, etc
  • Bigger Things, Ahead:

    You will work hard, and you will make a difference, but more than just the hours you put in, our web-design interns leave LondonNet with a greater understanding of professional coding and how a professional website works and runs. It sounds like good work experience…

    And How:

    Alright. So, you have the general information. If you’re interested in more details, however (like when and how long our internships go on, what kind of hours our interns work, and other fiddly bits), you can send an email to the following address: [email protected].

    Note: Due to the high number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

    Please note:

  • You must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom, either by Work Permit or Student Visa
  • Due to the high number of applicants and emails we get, we cannot respond to every email
  • Due to nature of the work assignments, interns must live within London Zone 6