Will Young was “set on fire and struck by lightning” for his new video.

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The Leave Right Now singer was asked to perform his own daredevil stunts in the promo for Changes and loved the physical challenge.

He said: “I wanted to do something physical so there was drowning, more drowning, being set on fire, struck by lightning and then drowning again. We certainly got physical – it was pretty full on.

“I think you should do different things for videos. I feel I’ve got a good legacy for them.”

Will – who appeared in movie Mrs. Henderson Presents and a theatre production of Vortex – recently revealed he is planning to put his acting career on hold to concentrate on music.

He said: “I love acting and would love to do more projects, but I think it confused people a bit. It’s tougher for people to cross over here than it is in America.

“I was really encouraged after doing the play as well because I got some good reviews from theatre critics who are known for being quite harsh.”

Will releases Changes on 14 September.