Will Ferrell likes dining on the toilet

Will Ferrell loves eating ice cream while sitting on the toilet.

The comic actor – who stars alongside John C. Reilly in new movie Step Brothers – admits he can’t help snacking on the frozen treat while emptying his bowels.

He said: “I like to eat a pint of ice cream on the toilet!”

Will recently revealed the fake genitals he wears in one scene in Step Brothers were modelled on his own testicles.

He said: “They are not real but my balls were modelled. I put them in hot wax to build the mould. I asked the prop people, ‘Could I please have my stunt nuts to take as gift from the movie?’ and they said, ‘No problem.’ So they’re at home.

“They’ve been brought out on a few occasions – we had a dinner party and the subject of the stunt balls came up and I went, ‘I have them, do you want to see them?’ They got passed around by 20 people!”