Victoria Beckham is furious at Geri Halliwell’s plans to perform her solo hits on the Spice Girls’ forthcoming world tour.

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Victoria, also known as Posh Spice, is determined Geri – who quit the band in 1998 to pursue a solo career – should not be allowed to sing a medley of her hits, which include Lift Me Up, Bag It Up and Look At Me, when the girls hit the road in December.

A source said: “Victoria is adamant she won’t do it. When she signed up, one major stipulation was that Geri will not sing solo.”

The row is threatening to divide the Spice Girls, with fellow members Emma Bunton and Mel C reportedly siding with Geri, while Mel B is against the idea.

Geri and Victoria are also said to be clashing over the stage outfits the five-piece will wear. Victoria wants classy costumes, while Geri wants flamboyant outfits like those they were famed for in their 90s heyday.

An insider added to Star magazine: “Victoria and Geri have come a long way since they were last in the Spice Girls, and they have completely different ideas of what will work on the road.

“With her fashion background, Victoria considers herself to be the key player in deciding the outfits and overall look of the band, but Geri is adamant that she has her say too.”

Tensions between the pair are said to be so bad, they had to organise a get-together at Geri’s house to sort out their differences.

However, after both aired their views, Geri and Victoria were soon bickering once more.

The insider added: “It was not pretty. They are both feisty and used to getting their own way, so they can’t agree on anything at all.”