Tulisa Contostavlos has been called a “home-wrecker” by the pregnant girlfriend of her new man, footballer Danny Simpson.

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Stephanie Ward is three months pregnant with her second child by Simpson and claims she thought they were still going out when pictures of him romancing the singer emerged yesterday (15.11.12).

She told The Sun: “She’s a home-wrecker. She’s been sleeping in my bed. Danny has humiliated me in front of my family, friends and the whole nation.

“We’ve been off-and-on for the last seven years, but absolutely solid for the last two. As far as I’m concerned he has cheated on me because we hadn’t broken up or anything.

“I am numb and I’ve gone through the emotions in the last 24 hours. At first I was upset, then angry.

“She was at my house last night, so I think they are going to start seeing each other.”

Stephanie has daughter Skye-Lorena with Danny, 25, and is three months pregnant with another child, but says after what has happened she will not take him back.

She said: “I have a baby on the way and a little girl who’s one and a half. If he wants to leave that, then that’s up to him.

“But I won’t be here for him if he comes back. I don’t care any more. He’s made his bed so he can lie in it.

“[She] has destroyed my family.”

Contostavlos, 24, was spotted with Simpson yesterday at Newcastle airport catching a flight back to London after spending the night with him.

An onlooker said: “They may have only been together a short time but it looked like they were in love, the way they were staring at each other.

“Danny clearly adores her and it appeared to be mutual. It looks like they’ve really clicked.”