Kate Moss’ fiance had a furious row with police after his band held a raucous party in their hotel room.

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The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince and his group infuriated staff at a Barcelona hotel with their loud antics as they filmed a video in one of the suites.
After ignoring all pleas to keep quiet, staff phoned the police.

Jamie’s bandmate Alison Mosshart said: “They demanded the tapes. They were called because we woke up some silly b*****d who couldn’t take her hands off the phone to the front desk.”

A source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “It sounded like they were having a riotous party, with shrieking and laughing. It was the early hours and people weren’t impressed.

“The police thing was a massive over-reaction but no one was arrested.”

Meanwhile, Kate lost a UKP10,000 birthday present after her luggage went missing at London’s Heathrow Terminal 5.

The supermodel had splashed out on a bracelet for friend Fran Cutler, but it disappeared two weeks ago when Kate flew to Los Angeles.

When she returned to Britain last night, the baggage still hadn’t been located, much to Kate’s annoyance.

A source said: “Kate’s assistant spent all day on the phone trying to find it. Kate is livid that it is still missing.”