Susan Sarandon scared of Botox

Susan Sarandon is terrified of people who have had Botox.

The 61-year-old actress says unnaturally smooth-skinned stars scare her because they look like they are wearing masks.

She said: “You can see I haven’t had Botox or these lines wouldn’t be here, but when you do that it becomes very mask like and that frightens me. I have an advantage if I’m the only one that actually looks 60, then I’ll get all those parts because there won’t be any actresses that look 60 around.”

Sarandon, who plays Mom Racer in Speed Racer, the latest film from the Wachowski brothers, says she would rather rely on her fitness regime than plastic surgery to maintain her slim figure.

She added: “Some people have surgery and look fine and some people don’t look anything like they used to. I’ve thought about it a lot of times, but I hope by the time you’re 30 you shift your focus from worrying about how you look to worrying about what kind of person you are.

“Essentially you’re going to lose the battle of what you look like. To keep fit I do weight training and cardio and I run. New York is like London, you’re on foot a lot.”