Steve-O has checked himself into a mental institution.

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The Jackass star has been sober for 115 days but has recently been suffering from mood swings and depression, so has entered the “loony bin”.

The prankster – who last month was ordered to attend rehab for two years after pleading guilty to cocaine possession – said: “I’ve had horrible mood swings and severe depression. My brain is f***ed up from using so much cocaine, ketamine, PCP, nitrous oxide, and all sorts of other drugs.

“My prescribed medication is not working so I’m back in the loony bin trying to get that s**t right.”

Steve-O – real name Stephen Glover – also warned others not to follow in his footsteps.

He said: “Everyone’s going to make their own decisions in life, but nobody needs to make the same mistakes I made.”

Steve-O was arrested in March on suspicion of vandalism and drug possession at his Hollywood home after arguing with a neighbour about a fence.

He originally pleaded not guilty and, after admitting his actions during the hearing at a Los Angeles court, will avoid jail. Following his arrest, the MTV star was admitted to a mental health unit, amid fears he was suicidal.