tella McCartney has restated that she didn’t design the outfits worn by Team GB at the London Olympics opening ceremony on Friday (27.07.12).

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The fashion designer created Team GB’s Adidas kit, podium jackets and the outfits they wear in the Olympic Village, but she wasn’t responsible for the white and gold tracksuits – made by Next – which have sparked controversy after a number of twitter users compared the uniforms to Elvis Presley costumes.

Her brand tweeted: “Thanks for the support! To clarify, Stella designed the Team GB performance kit, podium suit & villagewear, not the Olympic ceremony suits.”

Stella was in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, east London, to watch the opening ceremony on Friday, but she left before her father Sir Paul McCartney’s rendition of Hey Jude in order to beat the traffic.

The fashion designer previously admitted it was tough to ensure Team GB’s outfits were stylish and practical at the same time, and she was keen to make sure the athletes feel “special” in the sportswear.

She said: “Ultimately the athletes know they’ve had someone looking closely at every single moment of the design and I hope that lifts their spirits and makes them feel special.

“Working at this level, with 47 disciplines and over 900 athletes, and with every discipline having its own set of rules and regulations, I had to come from a different starting point to my previous sports.”