Stella McCartney didn’t know dad was a Beatle

Stella McCartney didn’t know her father was a Beatle when she was a child.

Sir Paul McCartney – who raised his children, Mary, 38, Stella, 36, and James, 30, and stepdaughter Heather, 44, with late wife Linda on a remote Scottish farm – has revealed he never told his kids he was a world famous musician.

He said: “There was this one moment where they were riding their little ponies in Scotland, and Stella said to me ‘Dad, you’re Paul McCartney, aren’t you?’ and I said, ‘Yes darling, but I’m daddy really.'”

The 65-year-old musician also revealed all his children – including four-year-old Beatrice from his failed marriage to Heather Mills – performed a version of The Beatles classic When I’m 64 when he reached the landmark age last year.

He said: “I planned to try and ignore turning 64, but on the morning of my birthday my kids did a version for me. I even had the baby doing it! It was great.”