Slash prefers South American hookers

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash loves ‘South American hookers’ because ‘they will do anything’.

The wild rocker revealed his penchant for prostitutes to a female companion during a recent disappointing trip to London strip club Sophisticats.

Slash said: ‘I’ve seen everything so this club (Sophisticats) is dull. If you want a real stripper, you get a hooker. The girls in South America are best, because they will do anything you like!’

Slash – real name Saul Hudson – also revealed he had been wearing the same clothes for three days running after airline Air Canada lost his luggage on his flight to the UK.

He is quoted by Britain’s Independent newspaper as saying: ‘It has got loads of really expensive jewellery and all my leather trousers in it.

‘I did see one suitcase at the airport that looked like mine. I would have taken it but I could’ve ended up walking around London in a dress!’

The 42-year-old Velvet Revolver rocker is currently in Britain promoting his new book, Slash: The Autobiography.

The tome tells the story of the notorious hellraiser’s rise to fame with Gun N’ Roses, their huge success with debut album Appetite for Destruction in 1987, his acrimonious relationship with the band’s frontman Axl Rose and his struggles with heroin addiction.

Despite his wild past, Slash insists he is now drug and alcohol free.

He said: ‘When I’m touring these days my rider is for an orange juice, water and deli platters.’