A new TV series aims to show how the Queen has updated the monarchy with “dignity, grace and charm”.

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Sir Trevor McDonald will present the four-part series -Trevor McDonald’s Queen and Country – for History and Sky 3D, which will focus on the traditions and institutions surrounding the monarchy.

He said: “It has been remarkable to observe how the Queen has been able to update this remarkable institution with a modern face with such dignity and grace and charm. If anything, it has made the monarchy a much more solid institution than we ever thought it could be.”

McDonald will also be looking at the excitement which surrounds a typical royal visit and viewing unique 3D footage from 1953 – the first summer of the new queen’s reign.

Colonial Pictures’ Alastair Layzell, who is producing and directing the series, said: “We feel privileged to be working with Sir Trevor McDonald.

“His many years as one of the nation’s leading journalists makes him exactly the right person to examine the traditions and institutions surrounding the British monarchy – which look especially ravishing in 3D.”

The History channel’s Rachel Job said: “Trevor McDonald’s Queen and Country is a perfect way for History to commemorate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as it highlights the historical customs and traditions that punctuate her long reign.

“And told reassuringly by Sir Trevor McDonald, a British institution in his own right.”

Trevor McDonald’s Queen and Country airs in May 2012 on History and Sky 3D.