Simon Pegg admitted walking the red carpet on Leicester Square for The World’s End premiere last night (10.07.13) meant “a hell of a lot” to everyone involved.

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“It’s funny to come down this carpet in Leicester Square 10 years after making Shaun of the Dead,” said Pegg.

“It means a hell of a to us that we’ve been allowed to do this.

“The British film industry has always been a very aggressive place and it’s an honour to be part of it. I love making films in this country, I love the talent we have in this country and I really want to continue making films here if I can.”

The film sees the 43-year-old star play eccentric loser Gary King, who reunites his motley crew of school friends to recreate their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier, only to have their mission thwarted by supernatural forces.

Pegg admitted reuniting with the old gang for a film about nostalgia was a fitting tribute to their own last hurrah.

Asked whether the experience was nostalgic, he replied: “In some respects yeah, a lot of people that were in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are in this film so we had people back who we’d worked with for a long time. It was something of a reunion, the film was about that anyway so it was fitting.”

The Star Trek funnyman claims he never expected the comedy trilogy – which is loosely linked by ice-cream – to be an international hit, and believes people appreciate the down-to-earth jokes and honest portrayal of human relationships in the films.

He said: “I think we love what we do, were very passionate, we never take things for granted we try our very best and we consider it of paramount [importance] that we work hard and tell the truth. I hope people respond to our honesty and our furious work ethic.”

Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Rosamund Pike joined Pegg on the blue carpet last night.

The World’s End opens in London on Thursday 19 July.