Sienna Miller enhances lady bits

Sienna Miller had her private parts digitally enhanced for her new movie.

The 26-year-old actress had to have pubic hair added by computer wizard for some scenes in her new film Hippie Hippie Shake.

In the movie, Sienna plays Louise, the girlfriend of publisher Richard Neville, who was heavily involved in London’s party scene during the 60s.

A studio source told the Daily Mirror: “The film is set in the swinging 60s when fashion was wild and body hair even wilder. Unfortunately, Brazilian waxes weren’t common in the 60s and Sienna’s part involved one or two nude scenes – meaning that her grooming habits were on display. A merkin [pubic wig] simply wouldn’t have done the trick, but luckily computer wizardry came to the rescue.

“Sienna’s private parts were enhanced, giving her a rather unruly bush. All the cast had a good giggle about it and stoical Sienna happily played along.”

A Brazilian is a method of pubic waxing where almost all hair is removed.

Hippie Hippie Shake tells the story of Richard Neville, Australian magazine editor of counterculture magazine Oz – who was jailed for obscenity in 1971.

He was previously portrayed by Hugh Grant in the 1991 film The Trials of Oz.

Cillian Murphy and Derek Jacobi star alongside Sienna Miller. The film is due for release at the end of 2008.