Sex and the City star Chris Noth has warned fans all is not what it seems in the new movie.

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The actor – who plays Carrie’s on-screen on/off love interest Mr. Big – insists people have been jumping to conclusions after seeing Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie in a wedding dress.

He told US TV show Access Hollywood: “They’re already making wrong observations based on a piece that actually isn’t what they think it is. As soon as you start thinking what the papers say are true, you should go the
opposite direction.

“It’s safe to say anything is possible and anything you read in the papers, take with a healthy, healthy dose of scepticism.”

Potential plots leaked so far include Carrie marrying Mr. Big and Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, falling pregnant.

Although Noth refused to confirm any storylines, he revealed he loved being back on the New York set – almost four years after the hit US TV series ended.

He said: “Everyone’s great. It’s a lot of work. It’s a big, robust script. I said that word ‘big.’ Big! Robust! Script! Sort of like a wine – a good, healthy wine.”

Noth says the set has been swarmed with fans eager to get a sneak preview. He revealed: “Those fans were actually really lovely and we went up and talked to them and shook hands and signed autographs. They’re so
enthusiastic. You want people to care about what you do and want to tune in. It’s better than apathy.”