‘Sex and the City’ spoiler

Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Sex and the City’ wedding was ruined by an attack of the hiccups.

The actress’ character Carrie Bradshaw finally walked down the aisle with Mr. Big, but Evan Handler – who plays Charlotte’s lovable chubby husband Harry Goldenblatt – halted production when he couldn’t stop hiccupping.

Evan told the New York Post newspaper: “It’s been going on now for the past two years. Sometimes it goes on for two, three days straight.

“So, it was happening a little while filming, yes. But I can get in under control. I go to a quiet corner and redirect my breathing and centre myself.”

The bald actor had flown in from Los Angeles for his first day of filming on the New York movie set, and revealed the rest of the cast and crew have accepted the plot will be leaked.

He said: “There’s 150 people standing and watching every day, it’s hard to hide anything.”