Scarlett Johansson driven 100 yards while Drew Barrymore walked

Scarlett Johansson has been branded a “diva” by the crew on the set of her new movie.

The blonde actress reportedly insisted on being driven 100 yards across the Los Angeles set on the first day of filming, on He’s Just Not That Into You, while co-star Drew Barrymore walked the distance.

Scarlett, 22, also allegedly demanded three assistants shielded her from the elements with umbrellas.

An on set source said: “Scarlett’s a total diva. Some people are cool, and others are not.”

However, a member of the production team defended the Lost In Translation star’s actions, saying: “We prefer talent use vans when filming on public streets, and Scarlett has only been professional.”

Scarlett splashed out UKP400,000 this summer on a “gigantic” new home. She purchased the seven-bedroom Los Angeles property, located in the exclusive Hollywood Hills area, from film director Harold Becker.