Ronnie Wood flew home from Ireland to face his wife yesterday (15.07.08).

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The Rolling Stones guitarist, 61, had been on an alcohol binge with 20-year-old Russian Ekaterina Ivanova, whom he is having an affair with.

Ronnie returned by private jet to England last night where he hopes to patch things up with his wife of 23 years, Jo.

Ronnie’s son from his first marriage, Jesse, 30, flew out to convince his father to return home.

A source close to the family told the Daily Star: “Jo is relieved Jesse is with his dad but Ronnie is still not sober. She knows that until he stops drinking it’s not even worth her talking to him properly because he is a different person. He isn’t Ronnie.

“All she is focussed on right now is doing anything she can to get him sober. She is not worried about his so-called relationship with this girl. One thing Ronnie isn’t is a philanderer. He never has and that is something Jo is aware of and clinging to right now.

“They may not have had the most conventional marriage but it is a strong one.”

Meanwhile, cocktail waitress Ekaterina’s mother, Irina Ivanova, has revealed her daughter went into hiding upon returning to the UK. She also said that despite Ekaterina’s claims to friends she was in a full blown relationship with Ronnie, she only ever posed for the keen painter.

Irina said: “She agreed to be a model for him, that is it. But now she is a prisoner. Ronnie has told us everything will be OK and she will not want for anything. I just hope she will be alright.”

Ronnie is expected to check into the Priory rehab clinic – near his Surrey home, in Southern England.

He has previously been treated on six separate occasions for his alcohol problems.