Ronnie Wood always knew Amy Winehouse would be saved by her voice.

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The Rolling Stones legend says Amy – who is famous for hit songs including Rehab and Back to Black – is through her darkest period, and is now back on the straight and narrow.

He said: “I have faith in Amy. I knew her voice would save her anyway. I think we all go through that phase where you underestimate your own talent, what you’re really contributing.

“You get sidetracked through either drugs or alcohol, and something leads you to hide behind it.”

Ronnie has also blamed Amy’s problems on her friends, who he thinks are a bad influence. He added: “I feel sorry for Amy’s lifestyle in a way. She flits here, there and everywhere and she’s dragged this way and that. Amy can go over to the dark side because the people she surrounds herself with are not the best at times.

“She needs to be much more careful about how her lifestyle reflects on her stage performance.”