Rod Stewart has admitted in his autobiography that his roadie took his driving test on his behalf.

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The 68-year-old singer’s road manager Peter Saunders volunteered to get behind the wheel and take the exam after tiring of driving the Sailing hitmaker around London, and Stewart says it was an “easy deception” to pull off in 1967.

He wrote in his autobiography: “In the days before photographic licences this was a fairly simple deception to pull off.

“Pete set off to the test centre, signed in as Mr Roderick Stewart of Highgate and took my test.

“And I passed, I’m pleased to say. To this day I have never taken a driving test in Britain.”

Stewart continued to drive under the fraudulent license for eight years until he moved to America and took a driving test there.

He now holds a valid US license which can also be used in the UK.

In the book, Stewart – who has eight children from five relationships – also admitted women threw themselves at him so much, he tired of sex and just craved love.

He said: “There was a period in my life – and it wasn’t a prolonged one, maybe just a few years – where it was a bit ‘one in, one out.’

“The girls involved would never have known that, obviously.”