ROBBIE WILLIAMS revealed his new tattoo, a tribute to ex-band Take That, at his triumphant Electric Proms concert at the Roundhouse in Camden last night.

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But it’s a piece of body art that was immediately cursed, as the man himself explains:

“We all met up about 15 months ago at my house in Los Angeles,” Robbie told the 3,000-strong crowd, recalling the now famous reunion session.

“We all got in a room and went, ‘You did this and you did that’. ‘Yeah, sorry.’ ‘And you did this and you did that.’ ‘Yeah, I did, I’m really sorry.’

“The next night I rushed out to get a new tattoo and it’s the Take That symbol. The lads came back and I said, ‘I’ve done something, look at this.’

“And all of them in sync just said, ‘You —-.'”

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