Robbie Williams has enlisted the help of a man who has allegedly been abducted by aliens to cure his fear of the dark.

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The Angels singer intends to fly British 23-year-old Jason Andrews – who says he has become a psychic sage after being taken by aliens on several occasions – out to his home in Los Angeles to help him sleep at night.

Jason’s mother Ann Andrews has chronicled her sons supposed extra-terrestrial encounters in two books – Abducted: The True Story of Alien Abduction in Rural England and Jason: My Indigo Child.

The books claim he has an “earthly body but cosmic soul”.

Robbie said: “Jason’s mother Ann reminds me of my mother. My mother was a tarot card reader. I live in fear of this stuff. That’s why I want to investigate ghosts and UFOs. So I can work out why I get scared at night.”

Robbie has even likened his time with boyband Take That, who he left in 1995, to being abducted by aliens.

He said: “I think joining Take That was like being whisked off on a spaceship and coming back and all your friends going, ‘He’s weird now.’ ”

Robbie met Ann at a conference at the Aquarius Hotel and Casino in Nevada, which he was invited to by a friend who runs conspiracy theory websites.

The 34-year-old singer is reportedly a member of a UFO ring in Los Angeles, and often hosts meetings at his mansion.

Robbie recently claimed he has seen spaceships on three occasions, and intends to quit singing to study aliens full time.

He said: “I’m stopping being a pop star. I’m going to be a full-time Ufologist.”