Robbie Williams has bought himself a gang of friends.

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The Angels star – who moved to Los Angeles five years ago – used his many millions to form US-based soccer team LA Vale FC, named after his beloved Port Vale, in the hope of making new friends.

Robbie said: “I’ve always wanted to be a member of a gang, so I bought myself one. I’ve been fortunate because we’ve been together for quite a while now. There are no nails sticking out that need hammering down. They’re all fond of me, and I’m fond of them.”

Robbie, 33, says being team captain allows him to get rid of players who disagree with his decisions.

He explained: “At the beginning, some new lads came in and they started complaining about the amount of time they were getting on the field. But, you know, I didn’t put this thing together for conflict, so I got rid of

Some players admit they are terrified of upsetting Robbie, in case he throws them off the team.

One said: “Everyone plays harder when he is on the field. No one wants to disappoint him.”

Robbie’s team, which competes in the Los Angeles Super Metro League and the over-30s LA Premier League, includes Heroes star Santiago Cabrera andformer EastEnders TV star Sean Maguire.