Renée Zellweger is worried playing Bridget Jones again will damage her health.

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The actress gained over 28lbs to play the eternal singleton for Bridget Jones Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, before rapidly shedding the weight, and admits she’s concerned about the effects of yo-yo dieting.

She said: “My body is whacked by the time we finish one of those. It doesn’t know what has happened because it thinks there’s supposed to be a baby and there’s no christening.

“Did you see that movie about fast food, Supersize Me? I had a panic attack with all the specialists talking about how bad this is for you, long-term, putting on that much weight in short periods of time and they’re saying, ‘You must stop this now or you’re going to die.’ ”

Despite her concerns, Renée says she would consider playing Bridget again if author Helen Fielding comes up with some new material.

She said: “In Hollywood you never say never. Maybe I will do a third one. It depends if it works into my life and if it’s interesting. It’s really a Fielding question.”

The Chicago actress also spoke of the horror she faced when she had to gain the weight for the first movie in 2001.

She said: “It sounds like heaven. For two days, it’s bliss and then you’re full, OK? And you can indulge all your fantasies about over-eating. Fantasies about non-stop chocolate consumption or your fantasies about ordering the pizza and the spaghetti and the garlic bread.

“Then after a week, your glucose levels are going crazy. You’re up and down and all over the place. It doesn’t fell good, and no one wants to hear that, but it’s the truth.”