Reese Witherspoon’s four-year-old son has been offered a job as a pizza delivery boy.

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The Walk the Line actress recently revealed Deacon, her son with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, wants a career delivering fast food.

Now Pizza Hut has sent Deacon a letter promising him a job at one of their chains when he turns working age.

Sandi Karrmann, identified as the Chief People Officer for the worldwide chain, wrote: ‘Dear Deacon, we recently heard that you want to be a pizza delivery driver when you grow up. How wonderful! You’ve got several years to go before you can join our team, but in the meantime we’re sending you a few things, so that you can practice.’

The company’s gifts to Deacon include a specially tailored Pizza Hut uniform, a mini delivery car and gift cards for pizzas.

Karrmann signed off the letter with some words of encouragement for the little boy. She wrote: ‘We have delivery drivers who have worked for us for 10, 15, even
20 years! And the same Pizza Hut drivers who deliver hot, fresh pizzas right to your door have gone on to become successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and, yes, actors.

‘Deacon, keep on dreaming big and know that we’re saving a spot for you on our team.’

Reese – who also has an eight-year-old daughter, Ava, with Ryan – recently admitted neither of her children want to follow in her Hollywood footsteps.

The Legally Blonde star said: ‘Deacon wants to be a pizza delivery boy. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it’s hard to see how it could
be a career as such.

‘My eight-year-old daughter Ava wants to be a scientist but they are both at the stage where it changes from one week to the next. Neither has said they want to be actors but you never know.’