Princess Diana was the love of Dodi Fayed’s life, her inquest heard yesterday (10.01.08).

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Dodi – who was killed in a Paris car crash on August 31st 1997, along with Diana – told one of his father Mohamed Al Fayed’s senior advisers that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the princess.

Michael Cole told the jury at London’s High Court: “It was quite clear to me that this was the love of his life. When I saw the princess I had never seen her so radiant and happy.”

Cole said Dodi confirmed the relationship on July 28, just over a month before the couple were tragically killed. He recalled: “Dodi said to me, ‘Diana and I are together now.’”

The inquest heard previously from Rodney Turner, a close friend of the princess, that the relationship between the couple was over a few weeks before their deaths.

Meanwhile, Dodi’s bodyguard told the inquest that his employer and the princess were planning to move to California. John Johnson, who worked for Dodi from 1996 until is death, claimed he had arranged a visa and flight to got to the US ahead of them in early September 1997.

Johnson said: “Dodi said to me that ‘we’ would be going over to Malibu and I took it hat he meant himself and the princess.”

Mohamed Al Fayed has always maintained Diana and Dodi were killed by the British establishment because they were about to announce their engagement and the princess was pregnant.