Prince Andrew has flown to Singapore to boost trade with the country – despite no longer being the UK’s trade ambassador.

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The Duke of York was forced to step down from the role this summer following a string of scandals, and has angered some with trips to Saudi Arabia, at the taxpayers’ expense and now a visit to the Far East with two aides.

Dai Davies, former head of Scotland Yard’s Royal Protection Squad, told the Daily Mail: “Trips like these, which involve first-class travel and five-star hotels, as well as the presence of protection officers and various aides, are very expensive.

“There needs to be a proper evaluation of whether they provide value for money. I am not convinced they provide any real benefit.

“At a time when people are trying to cut back, Prince Andrew – despite the scandals which have engulfed him – is carrying on as if nothing has changed.’

However, unlike the trip to the Middle East, the prince boarded a scheduled flight from Heathrow instead of taking a private jet.