Pippa Middleton has been named as one of the sinners of the year in the English National Opera’s production of the Mikado.

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The brunette beauty – younger sister of Duchess Kate – heads up the list the UK public would be glad to see the back of in the English National Opera’s production of The Mikado.

The opera will take aim at Pippa, whose new book Celebrate has been criticised for its poor sales and over-simplistic content:

A verse reads: “And the sister of the Duchess who has brought out a new book/ It’s not sold well at all but her back cover’s worth a look.”

The opera will also slate disgraced cyclist Lance Armstong, MP and reality TV contestant Nadine Dorries and former director of the CIA David Petraeus in the annual list of the great and good who have fallen out of favour.

The opera has been compiled by actor-and-opera singer Richard Suart and he hopes people targeted can take it in good jest.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “Some people are very generous about appearing. Others I fear may never speak to me again.”

The Mikado opens at the London Coliseum on 1 December for 12 performances.