Pammie proud to be an American

Pamela Anderson is developing a new line of environmentally-friendly “American products”.

The former Baywatch actress, who already has a range of cruelty-free beach boots, wants to launch a series of products which are sourced and made in the US.

She said: “I’m in process of developing a line of 100 per cent natural, green, conflict free, cruelty free, made in America products. But I’ll tell you the hardest part and the most expensive part has been trying to keep things made in America! People have even refused to work with me because of this.

“Even now, I’m developing my sun care body oil line – 100 per cent natural, made locally. I’m considering ingredients received through free trade. Maybe I can use just local ingredients.”

Pamela, who is an ardent supporter of US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, also believes electing the Democrat candidate will make America a better place for people who are as poor as she once was.

The Canadian-born beauty explained on her blog: “I think Obama is a godsend. He is going to make things less hard. And anyone I know that has been as blessed as I have – coming from a very poor background – working very hard and making a life for my children I never had – with integrity – no matter what ‘grace and dignity’- lots of mistakes.

“Sometimes public humiliation builds character. But always with integrity and good intentions, even coming from another country. I ABSOLUTELY want to give back – America is the dream. And the example. We must look past prejudices and preconceptions about people – for our children if nothing else.”