Pamela Anderson make-up woe

Pamela Anderson was “mortified” when she had to evacuate a hotel without any make-up on.

The former Baywatch actress was forced to leave her five-star Paris hotel looking less than glamorous at 9am after firemen were called to deal with a suspected gas leak,

A source said: “Pamela kept saying, ‘What about my make-up? My make-up!’ She was mortified. Her curlers were still in and she was wearing a baggy bathrobe. She looked more like an old woman than a world famous pin-up.”

Pammie, 41, was so distraught at the prospect of being seen with a natural face she even asked firemen to help her leave through a secluded entrance, but her request was denied.

The source added to the Daily Mirror: “She begged the firemen to smuggle her through the kitchen. But they insisted on bundling her out the front entrance, where about 200 screaming fans were waiting.”

Pammie is currently living with her ex-husband Tommy Lee – with who she has two sons, Brandon, 12 and Dylan, 10 – but is adamant the pair have not rekindled their romance.

She said: “We are living together but only because I’m homeless right now. I’m building two homes in Los Angeles and I’m developing something in Canada, where I’m from, and an eco-friendly place in the Middle East.

“So, yes, I’m homeless and living with my ex-husband. We’re like an old married couple – we’re living together but not having sex!”