Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban’s new Tennessee farm is ‘spiritually satisfying’.

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The couple bought the ranch in Leipers Fork, near Nashville, earlier this year, and Keith knew he had found the house of his dreams the moment he saw it.

He said: ‘The first place I took Nicole to, even before house-hunting, was out near Leipers Fork. That ended up being out in the general area where we will now call home.

‘I just knew that she would love it for the exact same reasons I love it. There’s a pace and a way of living that is much more spiritually satisfying to me than a lot of other places.’

The 40-year-old singer also said he always wanted to settle down in Nashville, because both he and Nicole are treated like ordinary people by the town’s residents.

He told The Tennessean: ‘It’s something that has quite a bit of room to walk around and grow some grass under our feet and have some privacy, but not feel like we’re isolated.

‘We don’t want to live in a compound. It’s the great thing about Tennessee and especially Nashville. The people are just real people, so they just accept you being neighbours.’