Naomi Campbell’s tumour removed

Naomi Campbell had an ovarian tumour removed in Brazil to save her fertility.

The 38-year-old British supermodel has revealed US doctors failed to diagnose the condition forcing her to head to South America for treatment.

Naomi – who previously claimed she went to Brazil for surgery to remove a cyst from her stomach – said: “In America they missed my symptoms. I was in pain for months. So I went to Brazil where they have wonderful doctors.

“They discovered an ovarian tumour that had burst and caused infection. They operated and now I can have children, God willing.”

Naomi can’t wait to become a mother, but is not sure if her new Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin shares her desire.

She added: “He’s really wonderful. But I’m not pressing him about having a family, but it is something I definitely want.

“I think I will be a very strict mother. But at the same time understand that I am very childlike myself.”

The model recently attended the Fashion For Relief event in aid of the motherhood charity The White Ribbon Alliance.