NAOMI CAMPBELL is all set to move to Moscow.

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Now a year into a relationship with Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, the Streatham-bred supermodel is reported to be ready to leave London and New York behind and settle down in her man’s home country, where he is building a new mansion.

“Naomi and Vladislav are inseparable and she has been spending more and more time in Moscow,” a source told the Mail.

“He is building a new place there and wants it to be their new home. Naomi is ready to settle down and is completely in love with him.”

Doronin seems to have a thing for buying his love houses. Last summer he splashed out on a swanky place in Brazil for Campbell.

“Naomi told Vladislav how much she loved Brazil and that she really wanted to settle down there. So he bought her an apartment, and said it was a gift for her.

“They will use it as their base when they are in Brazil together.”