Naomi Campbell threw a huge tantrum at Heathrow airport yesterday (25.10.07) after she wasn’t allowed to board her flight.

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The supermodel – who recently had to attend anger-management classes – turned up 11 minutes before her flight was due to take-off from Heathrow and demanded to be let on.

Onlookers claim the 37-year-old star stamped her feet and whined: “You have to let me on. Come on.”

British Airways staff said she was too late but did offer to let her travel without her luggage and send her bags on a later flight.

But Naomi yelled: “You are joking. You are always losing bags and I don’t trust you with mine in a million years.

“I can’t believe you won’t allow ME on your flight. What is this? Who must I speak to?”

A source told the Daily Mirror: “When BA staff explained she was too late, she exploded and stamped her foot. There was a tirade of abuse.”

Naomi – who arrived in chauffeur driven car at 13.29 even though her flight to New York was due to take off at 13.40 – was offered a seat on a later BA flight, but she reportedly stormed off.

Last night, a spokesman for Naomi insisted there was no problem with her getting a flight, saying: “She is in the air at the moment, travelling to New York on business. We are not aware of any incident.”