Martin Scorsese’s most famous movies are inspired by The Rolling Stones.

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The Oscar-winning director – who has made a two-hour documentary on the legendary rockers entitled Shine a Light -has used the group’s music as the basis for his greatest films.

Talking about the documentary, he said: “The whole thing was like a series of mini-concerts and I loved to hear The Rolling Stones. The sound of their music, the chords, the vocals, the entire feel inspired me greatly and became a basis for most of the work I’ve done in my movies, going from Mean Streets to Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino. The nature of the music is timeless, for me.”

Scorsese, 65, has also hinted he may turn his back on conventional movies and focus on documentaries.

The filmmaker – who helmed No Direction Home: Bob Dylan the documentary about the folk legend – said: “I like making documentaries better than features. I mean, I do love cinema, but documentary always fascinated me because of the nature of the way people react. In a documentary, you really get a sense of human nature, and the sense of timing between people. It is so wonderful.”