Reports of a sex tape featuring Marilyn Monroe are part of an elaborate publicity stunt, it has been claimed.

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It was revealed earlier this month a New York businessman had purchased exclusive footage of the late actress performing oral sex on an unidentified man for USD1.5million, but was planning to “keep it locked up”.

However, Keya Morgan, the memorabilia collector who allegedly stumbled across the footage while researching his documentary on the ‘Some Like It Hot’ actress, reportedly has a history of elaborating the truth to promote his own work.

In an article for US gossip website, Monroe experts claim: “What Keya Morgan is promoting equates to questionable stories generated simply to sell another book or push another cheesy documentary.

“At the time of our conversation with him, we immediately discerned that he was one of them only out to exploit Marilyn Monroe and to come up with something new to fuel the rumour mill of her life.

“Keya Morgan’s time in the spotlight for this recent spin is nothing more than an opportunity for him to do just that – soak up some extra time in the limelight with his invented story about a fake flick, at the expense of the legacy of Marilyn Monroe.”

The writers also allege Morgan claims he has dated Mariah Carey and Renee Zellweger.

They added: “In general Mr. Morgan was a name dropper, especially when it came to those notorious for supporting the conspiracy theories involved with the story of Marilyn Monroe. However, he wove into our conversation his claim that he dated Mariah Carey and Renee Zellweger.”

The article, entitled Debunking the Marilyn Monroe sex tape hoax, was written by Mark Bellinghaus, a leading Marilyn Monroe expert, Ernest W. Cunningham, the author of The Ultimate Marilyn and Jennifer J. Dickinson, a journalist based in New Jersey.