Madonna has signed a ground-breaking deal to give her fans “unlimited” access to her music.

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The ‘Material Girl’ singer agreed a recording and touring contract with concert promoter Live Nation, because she believed the deal – worth an estimated USD120 million over 10 years – would offer “endless” possibilities.

Madonna said: “The paradigm in the music business has shifted and as an artist and a businesswoman, I have to move with that shift.

“For the first time in my career, the way that my music can reach my fans is unlimited. I’ve never wanted to think in a limited way and with this new partnership, the possibilities are endless.”

Live Nation own the rights to all her music-related projects – including new albums, tours, merchandise, websites, DVDs, sponsorship, TV shows and films.

Live Nation chief executive Michael Rapino said: “Madonna is a true icon and maverick as an artist and in business. Our partnership is a defining moment in music history.

“We have created a new business model for our industry.”
Madonna is contracted to make one more album with her long-term record label Warner Music Group Corporation.
The queen of pop was with Warner for 25 years, selling more than 200 million singles and albums.