Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews has been given the flick by Lucy Watson after he cheated on her while on a recent holiday in Greece.

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25-year-old Matthews – who slept with another woman in ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson’s bed – had only just struck up a romance with Watson, but has now admitted to being disloyal to her while he was away partying.

Speaking to Rick Edwards on the Made in Chelsea End of Season Party, Matthews said: “I cheated on her, Rick, pretty recently, a couple of days ago. I was in Greece.

“I think I’m just young and living some form of dream, but unfortunately hurting people in the process, which is certainly not what I want.

“But if anyone could have changed me, I still think it could have been her, could be her, I don’t know. I still love her, so I’m in a bit of a predicament at the moment.”

Watson ended the relationship after Matthews informed her via Twitter of his cheating. She has branded the lothario “selfish” and told him never to speak to her again.

She said: “He denied it for about 15 minutes on the phone and then I think I got a bit upset and broke down and then he managed to admit over text, which is very brave of him.

“I find it hard to believe that you can love someone and do that to them, personally. I would never do that to you. Or anyone.”

The Made in Chelsea End of Season Party episode airs on Monday (24.06.13) at 10.00pm on E4 and is currently available to view early on 4OD.