Lily Allen out of control

The British pop star was seen on several occasions during the Cannes Film Festival, in France, worse for wear due to the effects of alcohol.

It has now been revealed Lily, 23, was nearly hospitalised following the after-party for Kirsten Dunst’s new movie ‘How To Lose Friends And Alienate People’.

A source from the Hotel Du Cap, where the singer stayed, said: “Her father Keith had to get the hotel porters to help him carry her back to her room.
They even asked if she needed an ambulance because she was in such a state.”

Some of Lily’s friends have now urged her to seek help and fear she is using alcoholism to escape her heartbreak over her miscarriage in January and subsequent split from the baby’s father, Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons.

Ed is also said to be deeply worried about his former lover.

A friend of the musician told Britain’s Look magazine: “Hearing what Lily got up to in Cannes made Ed worried for her. He adores Lily and feels she has a lot of demons to sort out. She is not ready to settle down with anybody, let alone him.”

A spokesperson for Lily denied the claims, insisting: “She is back in London and feeling great. She is about to go back into the studio and work on her new album.”