Leona Lewis says people who wear fur have “something seriously wrong with them”.

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The Bleeding Love singer, who is a staunch vegetarian, can’t understand why anyone would want to wear a coat made from animal skin.

She said: “It’s such an old school way of doing things. I can’t begin to imagine that people who know all these animals have been killed to make a coat can still wear it. There must be something seriously wrong with them.”

Leona, 23, recently turned down a reported £1 million to open exclusive London department store Harrods’ sale because the shop sells fur.

Although she is keen to point out she does not dislike Harrods, Leona claims she could not accept money to condone something she hates.

She added to Hello! magazine: “I don’t have anything against the store or the owner – all I am against is fur. I think it’s totally cruel and I can’t endorse or support anything related to that as it’s against my beliefs, no matter what you pay me.

“I don’t have any bad feelings towards Harrods, I just have feelings against them selling fur – it’s wrong and you have to stand up for that.”