Lady Gaga: Boy George ‘very interested’ in duet

LADY GAGA is being lined up for a duet with Boy George, who has confirmed his interest in performing with the Telephone singer.

“I’d be very interested,” said the former Culture Club front man.

George has even pinpointed the kind of track he’d like to record with Gaga.

“When I went to see her live, my favourite bit was she just sits down and does the piano and vocal thing,” he told The Sun.

“Certainly if we were going to do something like that – something quite emotional – I’d be very interested.”

Talks have yet to open on the Lady/Boy link, but the pair have already been in contact.

“We’ve met and it wasn’t discussed, but it was very brief,” said George, adding that he “signed a hat for her” which at least suggests she is a fan of his.

In the meantime, Boy George has a comeback single – Amazing Grace – out next week.