Kylie Minogue uses Google to find men

Kylie Minogue uses Google to find out which hunky male celebrities are available.

The singer – who has been single since splitting from French actor Olivier Martinez – often logs on to the web search engine to check out potential suitors.

She said: “I can’t lie. I did it with a friend and she would out me! I can’t tell you who I did it with though. I simply cannot reveal this information at this time.”

Kylie shares her Google love search technique with sister Dannii.

The X Factor judge recently revealed she fell for soul singer Robin Thicke after seeing him on TV, and was going to make a move until she discovered he was married.

Dannii confessed: “I have a crush on a singer called Robin Thicke. I saw him singing on the American Idol finale and his song really stuck in my head. I typed his name into Google and was really upset to find out he is already married.”

Kylie, 39, is back on the dating scene after being single for nearly a year. She said: “I enjoy dating, so I’m not totally alone. Don’t worry about it. It’s not that long ago that I came out of my last relationship.”

Rumours are rife Kylie hit it off with TV star Matthew Horne, who acted alongside the Australian singer in a series of comedy sketches for The Kylie Show – an ITV special filmed to celebrate her 20 years in pop.

Matthew gushed: “It was amazing working with Kylie – incredible. She’s so fit! She’s even better looking in the flesh than she is in her videos. She really is.”

The 29-year-old comedian also admitted he sent the I Should Be So Lucky singer a bunch of flowers and his phone number after they met on the show last November.