Kimberly Stewart’s search for flatmates is over

Kimberly Stewart has found her perfect flatmates.

The 28-year-old model, who has been searching for a roommate for her new British reality show Living with Kimberly Stewart, revealed her hunt is over.

At the Vodafone Live Music Awards last night (19.09.07), she said: “Yes I have found my housemate. I will be living with two people actually.”

The blonde star, the eldest daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, refused to confirm the sex of the final two roommates, but admitted the search was thrown into chaos when one male contestant was evicted.

When asked if one housemate was kicked off the show for fighting with another flatmate, Kimberly nodded and said: “Yes, it’s true. But you will have to stay tuned to see what really happened!”

Kimberly, who looked stunning in a short black dress and precariously high black stilettos, was later seen backstage at the awards ceremony giving her feet a break as she removed her shoes and hobbled outside for a breath of fresh air.

Earlier this year, Kimberly admitted she was a “clean freak” and revealed potential housemates would have to pass a series of housework tasks to win the show.

She said: “I’m a clean freak. I love cleaning. It’s therapeutic. I still do my own laundry. It makes me not think about things.

“But anybody I live with will have to be very tidy. I’m definitely going make them do laundry.”