Kelsey Grammer gets hurt by TV

Kelsey Grammer blames his failed TV sitcom for his heart attack.

The Frasier star said TV network Fox’s decision to cancel Back to You in May this year contributed to his heath problems.

He said: “It was a very stressful time for me, and a surprise that it was cancelled.

“But you know, everything that doesn’t kill us – which it almost did – makes us stronger!”

The 53-year-old actor has also revealed how close to death he came after suffering the cardiac arrest while paddleboarding in Hawaii with his wife Camille in June.

He told US TV show Entertainment Tonight: “We originally said it was just a mild heart attack, and it actually wasn’t very mild. They had to blast me twice and get me started all over again.

“My heart stopped and Camille was patting my head and she said, ‘That’s when you looked up at me and said, I’m going now.’ And then off I went. And then she said, ‘I’m going to need to zap him.’

“It felt like somebody was actually trying to tear my chest apart with the jaws of life. As I lay there dying, I said, ‘Please, I cannot do this. I don’t want to see anything. I don’t want to see any light – I don’t want to have any little adventures that make me want to get out of this life. I need to finish this one.'”

The recovering funny man – who stars alongside Kevin Costner in new comedy film Swing Vote – says he is now on the mend and is using his Nintendo games console to build up his strength.

He added: “I’m playing a lot of Wii!”