Kelly Brook sent foul-mouthed messages to one of the women Danny Cipriani had been chasing and phoned six others, after finding saucy texts and steamy pictures on the rugby player’s secret phone.

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The 33-year-old model first sent Stacey Simcox, 25, a photo from Cipriani’s phone of a naked woman named as “Jenna”, then a message saying “your in good company (sic).”

When Simcox asked who the girl was, Kelly replied: “Someone Danny is f***ing. One of many.”

Simcox then asked the actress to ring her and the pair spoke for a few minutes.

“Kelly called immediately,” said Simcox. ‘I recognised her voice but she was snotty and understandably very angry.

“She said, ‘Take it you’re another one he’s f***ing. I’ve spoken to six other girls tonight he’s been f***ing.’

“I asked where Danny was and she told me, ‘I’ve been on his phone, he’s at my house’. Then she said, ‘Some of the girls are slags and some are motherly – I would put you in the motherly category’.

“I assured Kelly I never met him and never intended to, and that I’d never slept with him. She was ranting and raging, but quite patronising. You could tell she was really hurt and upset.”

Cipriani – who rekindled his romance with Brook earlier this year – has confessed to sleeping with a number of girls and exchanging saucy messages with them.

He said yesterday (07.08.13): “I can’t believe what I’ve done.”