Kelly Brook and Bill Zane split again

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane have split up.

The actress reportedly ended their four-year relationship in an emotional phone call last week because she felt they had grown apart.

The couple are said to have struggled to get their relationship back on track following their temporary split earlier this year, and Kelly has told her friends there will be “no going back” this time.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “They’re still the best of friends but any romantic spark has well and truly gone. It’s really sad but there’s no-one else involved.

“Kelly’s glad she got back together with Billy to give things another go. She was desperate to save their relationship but, at the end of the day, it just wasn’t meant to be.

“They’re both comfortable with the situation and Kelly seems to be quite looking forward to being a single girl again.”

One of the reasons behind the split is believed to be the amount of time the couple spend apart – actor Billy lives in Los Angeles, while Kelly is based in Britain.

Although Kelly and Billy were planning to get married last year, she postponed the nuptials following the death of her father. The pair eventually split in February.

However, they reconciled several weeks later with Kelly saying: “We’re so happy. It’s just the best feeling being with Billy. I really missed him. We realised we’re at our happiest when we are together.”