Keira Knightley says being photographed is destroying her soul.

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The Atonement star believes a part of her dies every time she is snapped by the paparazzi.

She said: “I believe the Aborigines say that every photo takes away a bit of your soul. It’s very odd but I think there’s definitely some truth in that.”

The 22-year-old actress also revealed she is reluctant to face the camera lens because she suffers from acne.

She said: “I look in the mirror and go, ‘Oh no! More spots, more acne!’ And I’m not comfortable being photographed when I’m being myself.”

Keira admits she would rather people lied to her if they think she isn’t looking her best.

She said in an interview with the Daily Mirror: “I don’t like people who tell me I look c**p. I think kindness is a good quality, and that doesn’t always mean honesty.”

Keira is currently earning rave reviews for her performance in new film Atonement opposite fellow British star, James McAvoy.

Although she loves being an actress, Keira wishes she could be successful without the fame.

She admitted: “I could definitely say that if I could possibly be an actress with the career that I’ve got but be completely anonymous, I’d choose that.”