Keanu Reeves beat The Game with a phone book

Keanu Reeves beat The Game with a phone book in their new movie.

Keanu trained with police officers for his role in ‘Street Kings’, and was shown how to use the book as a weapon to extract information from suspects.

He said: “This real cop gave me some phone book techniques. So I took the phone book and hit The Game around the head with it.”

Keanu was originally told to use a fake book for the scene where he is trying to get The Game’s character to talk – but the rapper-turned-actor forced him to use a real one because he didn’t “believe him”.

Keanu added: “For me to get this information out of him, I had to convince him. So I hit him with a fake phone book. But he said, ‘This isn’t working. I don’t believe you. Use the real phone book.’

“So I took the real phone book and hit him around the head. And The Game said, ‘OK, I’m good.’ He was right.”

In ‘Street Kings’, Keanu plays Tom Ludlow a veteran LAPD police officer who is implicated in his ex-partner’s murder and realises he can’t trust anyone as he attempts to find the real killer.