Kate Bosworth forgets doing sex

Kate Bosworth doesn’t remember filming the sex scene in her new movie 21 because she was “so drunk”.

The 25-year-old actress was terrified about shooting the raunchy sequence with co-star Jim Sturgess and drank alcohol beforehand to calm herself down.

She said: “I don’t remember filming that scene. We were both so drunk! Jim and I became such good friends, we decided to have a couple of drinks, loosen up and go for it.”

British actor Jim – who plays the lead role in ’21’, a film about six students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who took Las Vegas for millions of dollars – said they soon realised drinking before the scene wasn’t a good idea.

He told People magazine: “We were drinking Grey Goose vodka, I think. It was brilliant for about half an hour. But as we continued to drink it just became sloppy and messy. I couldn’t even stand up at one point!”