Kate Beckinsale is hooked on Cadbury’s chocolate

Kate Beckinsale has English chocolate flown over to the US.

The British actress, who currently lives in Los Angeles with husband Len Wiseman and her seven-year-old daughter Lily, often feels homesick and begs friends to bring back Cadbury’s chocolate when they visit the UK.

She said: “When anyone goes to England I ask them to bring me back as many bars of Cadbury’s chocolate as they can carry.

“I had to gain weight when I was filming The Aviator and ate chocolate like it was going out of fashion.”

Kate also revealed she makes Len, who she married in 2004, watch British TV drama Prime Suspect.

She told Brides magazine: “I force Len to watch Prime Suspect and I always cry, ‘Oh, I miss England!’ But he sees scenes of Catford in the rain and says, ‘What do you miss exactly? People smoking in cars? Dead bodies in the rain?’

“I’m in denial.”